||mia got a kia||

I'm sorry I haven't blogged as much as I would like...
I don't have internet at home, and work has been extremely busy as of late.
Or maybe not busy...but my name has been yelled out from an office, a LOT.

So i got a new car!
Thank you Jesus.
I bought my old car in September of 07 for $1500.
She was Ol' Faithful.
It was a good first car. Old, but it got me from point a to point b!
In November, on the way home from watching Tony's family in the Nutcracker,
I was driving behind a truck,
who suddenly swerved into the next lane...
all i could see was a stalled car in the middle of the road,
and all i had time to do was slam on my brakes.
I hit the car, but not very hard, I bumped it more than anything.
Two seconds later, me and my sister Sophia were thrown forward,
and heard the crunch of metal hitting metal, when the person behind me slammed into my car.
Thankfully and amazingly, my car made it out ok,
all of the damage being hidden underneath the car.
The next month, someone backed into the side of my car while I was at Tony's mom's house.
They left no insurance information, nothing.
So...it took a really big hit on my pride to have to drive a rotten looking piece of junk around.
But I kept having to literally shove it down,
and STOP myself when I started saying or thinking something about it.
It was hard, and I'm not goin to lie, I didn't always succeed.
The auto adjuster told me my car was totaled,
the damages way exceeded the cost of the car.
Here is Ol' Faithful:

(yes you read that right --almost 230,00 miles!)

I knew that I had needed a new car, and I had wanted a new car for forever.
I wasn't comfortable driving that car long distances anymore,
and I just felt unsafe.
But how in the world was I going to be able to get a new car?!?!?!
I kept praying about it.

I was getting about $2100 in medical bills from the first accident in November,
and after they said my car was totaled, they said they would pay me what the car was worth --
the poor condition of the front tires
the second accident damage
the 'bubble' in my roof
my windshield crack
And if I wanted to KEEP my car, they would deduct that as well.
I looked up my car value on Kelly Blue Book -- $700.
I was freaking out, I was going to get what? $5 for my car?

Well, God remains the God of miracles.
They called and offered me $890, WITH keeping my car!
Awesome! Of course I'll take it!
So, at this point, I have about $3000 for a car.
Earlier in the year, Christen had told me about this thing called the Clean Air Act.
Basically, if you're car is older than 10 years and/or has failed an emissions test,
the state of Texas will give you $3,000 to get your car off the road!
I applied for this -- and I got accepted!
I received all of my car/insurance/Clean Air act money within the same week -- $6000!
God still gives more than we can ask, right?
My income taxes allowed me an extra $1,000 to put down.
PRAISE GOD! $7000.

So now...
all we need is to find me someone who will sell me a car.
easy enough, right?

I started looking for used cars, I couldn't find anything that would work with the Clean Air Act...
I went to several dealerships, and I told them what I wanted to pay monthly....they practically laughed at me.
I felt discouraged. I had the money to put down, but a very limited budget, NO CREDIT, and no one who could sign for me.
I had been updating the Education ministry on the status of my car finding,
and Chad O. mentioned that he had a friend who owned Clear Lake Honda and
he was willing to put in a call for me.
Sure! I told him, but I figured it would be a dead end as well
-- why would he say anything different from anyone else?
....faith. I definitely learned a lesson about faith.
Mr. Tyrell, the owner, called me quickly after Chad had called him and
he really encouraged me and said that he would be willing to work with my circumstances!

I'm really excited now, and I'm trying to not get TOO excited,
but I'm not going to lie...I was super hopeful.
He set me up with his guys for that Saturday, February 14,
to meet with them, and get my paper work started.
My Tony ended up surprising me that weekend by coming home,
and so I was very thankful he came along for the ride, cause i definitely didnt want to alone!
It was awesome from the get-go.
We met with Dr. Will, our salesman,
who immediately asked if he could PRAY with us!
Seriously? Of course!
I was so blessed by that, knowing that I had a true man of faith working with me.
The people at the dealership explained to me that we were backing into this,
trying to figure HOW much I could afford, and what cars met my budget.
They didn't want to show me cars, get my hopes up, and then tell me I couldn't afford it.
Unfortunately, since I was a first time buyer, with no credit,
the banks that were willing to finance me were closed on the weekends...
and they would be closed the following Monday too, since it was President's day.
More waiting! Hopes down.
Dr. Will then leaned over and said "I often find with Christians, it never works out the first time. God's got to let us go through a little bit of trouble, so we can learn to have faith."
He was such an encouragement.
I kept praying, and hoping, and praying and hoping,
and finally...I received a call on Tuesday from the finance manager...
Would I be willing to come in tomorrow and meet with a credit union who will finace me?
Yes! I will be there!
So, wednesday morning, shaking and excited and scared, I headed out to Clear Lake.
I met Reggie, the finance manager, who actually TOOK time out of his DAY,
to ride with me to meet these credit unions.
He was very positive about the first one, and thought that if I could get financed,
these would be the people to do it!
Not so much.
They're 'evalution' of me got rejected.
I wanted to cry. I almost did.
Reggie smiled and said "Not to worry. I got a back up plan."
and he dialed some numbers and got an appoint for noon at the next credit union!
That gave us about an hour to kill, so he offered to take me out to lunch.
It was kind of awkward, at first,
but he started talking about his beautiful baby daughter, and his wife,
and his job, etc.
He eventually started sharing his testimony with me,
and said...
"If there is anything I can tell you, its that if its God's will, he will provide.
He will set everything into place."
I so needed to hear that.
Not just with the car, but with my life.
I've been struggling so much with where I should go, what I should do...
but God will set it into place.
So, God KNEW i was going to get rejected from that first union, just so I could have lunch and hear those words.
Thank you God, that your ways are NOT my ways!
thank you jesus.
We went to the second credit union,
and she hardly gave it a second thought...
'wow, you're financing more than half the car! ok, you don't have credit, but thats ok, its better than bad credit...ok! we can do this!"
did she just say we can do this?
as in...
she's going to finance me?
as in...i'm getting a new car?
oh my gosh!
thank you God! thank you Jesus!
i sat there shocked. stunned. shaking.
I just got financed.
More than that...my payments are EXACTLY where I needed them to be. Literally.
Not one penny, not one DOLLAR over.
the EXACT amount.
$150. Who has ever even heard of a car payment that small?
Very few.
Also, my interest rate is 8.5%
That's amazing for a FIRST TIME buyer!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was told that normal intereste rate for a first time buyer with no credit or cosigner is anywhere from 18%- 21%.
Chris also pointed out that 8 is the number of new beginnings,
and this is the new beginnign of my credit.
Before I left with my brand new car [my brand new car, i can't get over it],
Dr. Will came out and prayed with me again.
He prayed over my car, blessed it, asked for protection and prayed that
anyone who entered it would have a stronger relationship with God.
I felt so blessed.
This entire situation has had God's fingerprints all over it.
He knew i needed to wait to be at Honda Clear Lake,
he knew that I was going to get in those accidents so I could have those finances.
He knew the men who I was going to come into contact with, who would bless me and pour into my life.
God knew my needs, and he supplied and fufilled over and abundantly what I asked and needed.
Here is my new car!
(I haven't named her yet haha)


I am outside...
and I've been waiting for the sun
and with my wide eyes
I've seen worlds that don't belong
my mouth is dry
with words I cannot verbalize
tell me why we live like this?

keep me safe inside
your arms like towers
tower over me

cause we are broken
what must we do to restore
our innocence
and oh the promise we adored
give us life again
be whole

lock the doors
cause I'd like to capture this voice
that came to me tonight
so everyone will have a choice.
and under red lights
i'll show myself it wasn't forged
we're at war
we live like this

And I'll take the truth at any cost!

cause we are broken
what must we do to restoreour innocence
and oh the promise we adored
give us life again
cause we just wanna be whole