[girl in translation]

"...when Matt and I were walking down the street, I caught sight of Vivian in a flower shop as we passed.  If possible, she was even more beautiful than ever in her sorrow, with limpid eyes that looked as if the world had drowned in them.  She happened to look up.  when she saw us, she seemed heartbroken, her grief so complete that if left no room for anger.  I thought, I never want to love someone like that, not even Matt, so much that there would be no room left for myself, so much that I wouldn't be able to survive if he left me."

-Kimberly, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok



I realized,
that when I am uncomfortable,
I get extremely quiet.

I realized,
that when I want to show someone I don't care,
when I really do,
I get extremely loud & overly verbal.

in these situations, and all others,
why can't I just be...

summa time//summa time

there is something great about being 
in the water, 
in the sun, 
in a bathing suit.

life seems carefree,
and peaceful.

thank God for the summa time :)



seventeen years ago today, a star was born.

as you can see, she's incredibly gorgeous

and, incredibly talented!
in addition to playing guitar, she has an amazing strong voice
and writes her own music.

she's creative, beyond belief...
while this christmas bag doesn't demonstrate that fully,
her sense of humor is definitely evident.

she's super fly

and she's got killer dance moves.
i'm gonna be as good, one day!

we love taking pictures together - 
we're hot stuffff.

Hannah, you are incredible.
I admire your passion, your love for God, and your strength so much.
Never lose that childlike faith - 
the excitement of spending time in the presence of God.
You are more emotionally mature than so many 17 year old,
so much discretion, 
and with such a sensitive spirit.
I know you're going to be a huge impact on people's lives.
I love spending time with you,
dancing to music,
taking pictures,
laughing & being goofy.
You're such a fun person, and such a joy to be around;
I'm so thankful you're able to be yourself, no matter what.

I love you Hannah!!



"If I know how I feel it, that's what counts.  Don't you ever look at someone who's hysterical in public and wonder if it's because they really feel miserable or because they want others to know they're miserable?  It kind of dilutes the emotion if you display it for the whole world to see.  Makes it less pure"

- Jacob, "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult