||update|| san antone

i got both jobs! yay.

I went to the Michael's interview in the morning,
and was immediately offered the job. I asked for my availibility to switched to the weekends,
so i'll be working either every other weekend both days, or every other saturday or sunday.
I then had an interview with the lady and her family...
and it went well...I just didn't get the greatest vibe.
They asked me to committ...and I just honestly can't say what my future holds!
i'm goin to be a college student -- what if i'm offered an internship?
Anyways, the boys were sweet and everything, in the end,
I just didn't get a good feeling in the pit of my stomach.

After the interview, Vanessa told me about the family that she used to nanny after school...
and, as it all worked out...I got to meet her that day and get an interview!
Tracey was very sweet, and made me feel comfortable right away.
And after a couple of days of waiting...and of playing phone tag with the first family...I got the job with Tracey!
I'm very excited and I can't wait to start working and jump into school!
please be praying for my loans to come through!
i still need money to pay for housing and my credit isn't enough to let me get a loan, even with a co-signer. I really appreciate it, y'all.

the backpacks i want to buy -- which one do you like more??



san antone

i'm going to san antonio tomorrow...
i have two job interviews!

one is with michael's...
the other is with a lady with two boys (7 & 5 yrs) who wants me to watch them 2:45-5:30 every day after school.

i'm excited.
i'll let you know how it goes :)

thank you jesus for opening up the doors.



i'm dying.
haha, not really.
for some reason...since march, my face has broken out beyond belief.
it has NEVER been like this before, not even when i was a teenager!
i had relatively pretty skin for the past couple of years...an occasionally pimple...
right now, i seriously look like a person from a proactiv commercial :(
and if i had a working camera, i'd show you :(
no exaggeration yall.

so...does anyone have any helpful tips???
i've tried proactiv
i'm trying to get back on my excercise routine, drink more water, and cut out high fructose corn syrup.
i've tried cetaphil, and neutrogena, and vitamins...
this is getting bad.
right now, i'm using oatmeal to wash my face, and it seems to be calming down,
not as inflamed,
but its still PAINFUL!

Usually when I tell someone about this, they ask one of three questions:
Do you have more stress in your life? No, not anymore than usual
Has your routine changed? No, not anymore than it has in the past
Have you started a birth control? No, I have not

Does anyone...anyone AT ALL...have any suggestions?
i'm so desperate.


coworkers & friends

Jess commented on my last note and told me I forgot to mention how much I'm going to miss my coworkers and friends...

The thing is...I didn't forget...
but I can't just simply mention, in passing,
a group of people who have meant so much more to me than a coworker ever could.
Y'all have been confidantes, allies, sisters in christ, prayer partners, and most of all, friends.
Thank you for a year and a half of lunches, inside jokes, boring fridays made fun, and the camaraderie that was brought about by laughter or tears, and sometimes both.
You honestly made awful days bearable,
and sometimes made good days awful ;)
(just kidding...half kidding. hahah)
There were times, that you were my sanity.
Thank you for supporting me through all I went through, good and bad,
for being a listening ear,
and giving me the confidence and encouragement to stand up for myself or TO certain people
(eh...you know who/what i'm talking about haha)
and for tolerating my random bursts of song.
I'll miss you.

I yet I really can't tell you how much I am going to miss you,
because words aren't quite sufficient.

I am so excited to see what God is going to do in your life...you're all in such exciting places!!
People always say they don't want to lose touch, and I hope that we can truly keep that communication.

i love you girls. so so so much.


hello again

well, its been a month and some odd days since i've last posted.
a lot has happened...

i got my purse stolen while out on lake conroe with a couple of friends!
our truck was busted into, and lots of things stolen.
tony, being smart, had put his stuff in a pocket, so nothing of his was touched...
vanessa got the worst of it...two $500 blank checks (don't ask, haha), $200 cash, her cell phone, and much much more.
it was not enjoyable.
my camera cord was in my purse, and apparently you can only order them online, so I've been without a camera and its made me awfully sad.

Children's Ministry two main events are over and done with :)
VBS and Camp were huge, and I loved it. We had awesome turnouts.
I was able to actually go to camp this year (I got sick last year) and it was so fun --
I had such an amazing group of girls...the Lord really blessed me :)

Definitely got a shocker at the end of camp...got pulled out at midnight on Friday night,
to be told by my boss that she was resigning after 25 years.
Not only that, but her last day was going to be Tuesday.
Her reception was the next Sunday.
I had been planning on going to orientation/vacation for a while, so I wasn't even going to be here for her last day or reception!
I came back, and she was gone.
It will be such a great time for her kids though --
I know they'll love the extra time they'll get to spend with their mom :)

I officially gave my resignation the Monday I came back.
It was a little awkward...
and it kind of still is, haha.
But I am going to be going to school in August.
Yes, to UTSA.
Yes, thats where Tony goes.
But, no, that is not the only reason I am going
(note: i said not the ONLY reason...of course he is a reason :] ).
and i am sooooooo excited.
I've already registered for classes, and I can't wait for them to begin.
My last day at the church will be August 21...
I wanted to stay long enough to make sure they got everything done for Promotion Sunday, with Cindy being gone and everything.
But then, I move August 22.
so excited.
i can't wait to move into my new apartment!
brand new -- never been lived in!
i've submitted a couple of resumes for administrative positions down there...
please be praying i get a call back from someone and they offer me a job ;)

this week was houston project...
and i went and helped at my dad's church site.
yes, my dad's (possesive) church site.
my dad is the new youth pastor of north central baptist church.
its crazy, and its all on faith, because they have no idea how the Lord is going to provide for them,
but they know that he will.
if you can, please just be lifting up my family in prayer as they embark on this HUGE new journey of life.

and tonight...I am going on mission trip!
I haven't been on an actual mission trip since 2005.
it's with tony's church and we're going to be doing construction on a pastor's house in galveston.
its just for the weekend, but it should be fun :)