||new beginnings||

just a couple of updates:

first, my car is fine, thank goodness!
it was incredible because the day after it broke down,
tony left for the lakehouse...
so i kept his car that week.
god's provision, for sure.
i ended up picking his dad up and it took him
TWO SECONDS to start my car!
it was something inconsequential....
something was touching something that shouldn't have been touching.
but...he ended up fixing my a/c as well!!
praise the lord.
now, its TOO cold! i can't keep the windows from fogging up sometimes.
hey. it works.

well i paid for half of it...
and i've got ALMOST all my books.
but i shopped around and definitely got the best prices!
about $150 for the textbooks, when it was originally almost $300 used from the bookstore.
school starts monday!
i realized i have math on mondays. WHAT a horrible way to start the week!

tony leaves for school tomorrow.
its going to be hard, but we're both really willing to put forth the effort to make this work.
i'll only miss him for a week, though, because i'm hoping to go visit him the 29th -
its the friday after his birthday, and that monday is a holiday for the office
(hooray for labor day)

Me and Amy put in the deposit for our apartment yesterday
and I filled out the application.
I'm really hoping they don't turn me down because my job history looks terrible right now!
6 months at my current job, and 7 months at my previous (Starbucks manager).
I'm also trying to figure out how long of a lease I want to sign --
and it all depends on when I want to go to school full time???
july '09 or january '10?
i really don't know the answer to that.
and it depends if me and tony are still dating by then,
will i want to go to school with him at UTSA?
or go to sam houston?
questions, questions, questions.
ANYWAY, i can't wait to move into the apartment and finally have room to stretch my feet again!
not that living with amy has been all that bad, it really hasn't.
but it will be nice to have a real closet again.
we'll each also have our own bathrooms, which will be bliss for her,
and exciting for me -- I finally get to decorate my own bathroom!
I'm going to buy a new bedspread for myself too....
i'm thinking black and white.

my mom is recovering from her surgery and she's doing really well.
she's still not able to do everything she wants to do,
but she's in a lot less pain than she used to be in.
although, she still get really tired.
hannah, joshua, and sophia are all going to public school --
for the first time!!!
sophia is really excited about getting her own locker.
her and josh both have to wear uniforms for school, since they're in middle school.
hannah gets to sport her own stuff.
i can't believe she's going to be a sophomore.
and richard just turned 18.
oh my goodness, i'm getting old.

ok, i need to get back to work.


Real Simple Daily Thought

August 18, 2008
In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.
— Janos Arany


loves life!!


i feel really frustrated and discouraged.
i'm overwhelmed.
my car is broken...
i'm going to pick up tony's dad tonight and
hopefully he can start it and take it back to work on it...
but it has to be fixed by next monday night...
otherwise, i'm in deep poop.
its just so frustrating!
i don't have money to fix it, really,
because of the wedding this weekend.
and i wish i could just have a new car...
i don't know if the lord is trying to teach me about
pride or patience or what
but its hard.hard.hard.hard.
i wish i had a fairy godmother to just pour$5000 in my lap
not to buy a new car
but at least one that will run consistently and i can drive out of the city.
it doesn't work that way though.
i have to work for what i want...
and i have to get enough credit for what i want...
and its going to be a while.

school is going to be a lot more expensive that last semester.
i have to put down $210 for a deposit
(I'm doing a payment plan...classes are $420 overall)
and my government book is about $100
my pysch book is about $100
and my math book is about $50
and the lab costs $150.
Thats $400 for books...and plus that $210
thats a lot of money out of this next paycheck.

i know the lord provides.
he always, always does.
but my heart!
be still my heart.
i have never gone without what i need.


so lovely....

waking up at 6:45
putting on makeup
getting dressed
walking out the door at 7:21
and getting to the park and ride
at 7:32

eleven minutes.
ya heard???
eleven beautiful wonderful minutes
from my apartment (that i share)
to where i meet the girls to carpool.
thank you jesus.
life has become slightly more beautiful.