the concept of time blows my mind.
it is crazy, how in one month,
so much has changed.
in one month,
i continue to learn the concept of contentment,
i understand happy is an emotion,
emotions are flighty,
peace is eternal.
i continue to learn trust is difficult,
and sometimes brutal,
but so necessary.
in a month,
i feel so much more stable than i have been in quite some time.
i'm also aware,
anything can change.
and in one month,
i will be 23.

i am not where i thought i would be at 23.
but that is ok,
i am obviously where God wants me to be.
everything in life happens for a purpose,
HIS purpose,
and I am thankful I am not in control.

time will continue to move
and things will continue to change
and i will continue to ponder
how this happened
when this happened
and i will rest in knowing He is in control.

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Jessica said...

Oh I miss you so much! I am so proud of you!