i miss eloquence.
i was once surrounded by people who knew
beauty of the soul
power of words
passion of the heart.

it is partly my fault,
i have chosen an accessible lifestyle,
one filled with praise for

my passion for reading
my passion for knowledge
my passion to seek the beauty of the world
has dimmed.
is it because I struggle with my relationship with the Lord?
or my relationships have morphed into
meaningless banter and trivial fellowship?
i want to go back...

it breaks my heart,
because i don't know how to live for the lord
when I see so many around me falling away,
with the best intentions,
and the purest of Relationships.
It is so difficult to try....when I rarely see fruit.


Jessica said...

Oh Mia! I know the Lord has BIG plans for you. I can feel it in my heart!

I don't think it's supposed to be easy. A relationship with God. How can it be easy when we live in such a broken world? Not easy but worth it. :)

Mia Lauren. said...

thank you jess. it is so worth it.
my heart knows it....

i love&miss you